Baltic Winter Sprint 2019

Baltic Winter Sprint 2019 international sled dogs race 

Race organisers: Sled Dogs Club Baltosport (EST), Dog Sport Carnikava (LV)
Race Marshal: Aigar Kuus, Baltosport (EST)
Race Judge: Margus Harak, Baltosport (EST)
Trail Master: Artūrs Jakobsons, Dog Sport Carnikava (LV)

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Baltic Winter Sprint 2019



16-17th of February 2019

Address: Jõulumäe Sports and recreation centre, Leina village, Tahkuranna parish, Pärnumaa, Estonia. The sports centre is located in the vicinity of the E67 (Via Baltica) not far from the Latvian border.


Baltic Winter Sprint 2019 sled dogs race in Estonia



Saturday, 16.02.2019
12:00 – 13:00 Registration, vet. control, equipment control, race track open for viewing only on skiis or sled. Dogs are not allowed on the trail before the competition in order to keep good trail conditions.
13:15  Opening Ceremony. Track closed
14:00  Heat I
16:00  Training class heat without timekeeping
18:30  Musher dinner
20:00  Get-together in the Center’s classroom, coffee and snacks

Sunday 17.02.2019
10:00  Heat II
12:30  Relay start
The award ceremony will start within 2 hours after the last competitor has finished.



The length of the trail in Sp2, SW1, SM1 classes is 5,7 km and in Sp6, Sp4, SW2, SM2 classes 7,3 km. The relay trail length is ca 1,5 km. The track is best described as a forest trail with slight ascents and descents. In case of bad weather and snow conditions the competition will take place on another trail with artificial snow. Short videoclips from trail.

Baltic Winter Sprint 2019 veokoeraspordi võistlus Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskuses


A competitor is allowed to have a maximum of two starts per heat.

Sled classes
Sp6 – competitor 16-99 yrs
Sp4 – competitor  16-99 yrs, youth 11-13 yrs, juniors 14-16 yrs
Sp2 – competitor 14-99 yrs, youth 11-13 yrs

Skijoring classes
SM1 – competitor 14-99 yrs, juniors 14-20 yrs, veterans 40-99 yrs
SW1 – competitor 14-99 yrs, juniors 14-20 yrs, veterans 40-99 yrs
SM2 – competitor 19-99 yrs
SW2 – competitor 19-99 yrs

Training class without time keeping



  1. Open class
    All dogs excluded from the nordic breed category.
  2. FCI registered nordic breed dogs:
    RNB1: siberian huskies
    RNB2: alaskan malamutes, greenland dogs, canadian eskimo dogs, samoyeds and yakutian laikas

The Nordic breed category will be awarded separately in each race class under the following terms:

  1. At least 3 nordic breed entries in one class.
  2. The nordic breed category is divided into RNB1 and RNB2 subcategories under the condition that they each have at least 3 entries in RNB1-category and RNB2-category.



All competing dogs must be healthy, vaccinated and microchipped. In Sp2 class the dogs must be at least 18 months old. In Sp4, Sp6 and skijoring classes the dogs must be at least 12 months old. All dogs racing in nordic breed category must have a FCI registrated pedigree, otherwise they have to compete in open class. All dogs are allowed to have maximum of two starts per day. Switching dogs during the competition is not allowed. It is mandatory to present the dog´s veterinary passport at the on-site veterinary check.



All competition equipment must be in accordance with the IFSS race rules. Competitors are allowed to share their equipment with one person if they have notified the organisers via registration form and if they do not start twice using the same equipment.



14.01 – 3.02 Competitor 25 €
4.02 – 11.02 Competitor 35 €
14.01 – 11.02 Training class without timekeeping 10 €
Competitor´s second start – 5 € off the registration fee.

Registration fee includes musher’s dinner on Saturday evening.
For non contestants Musher’s dinner is 10€ per person.

Registration form

Your registration is confirmed successfully after we have received registration fee via bank transfer on Kelgukoerte Klubi Baltosport account. No cash payments on race day!

IBAN: EE94 2200 2210 5480 3650  / Swift (BIC): HABAEE2X / Bank name: SWEDBANK AS / Bank adress: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn.

In payment order write: Baltic Winter Sprint, race class and category, competitor name(s), amount of extra tickets to lunch and dinner on Saturday.

Mushers from Russia and Belarus who need a letter of invitation for cultural visa request please send the following data:
Name and surname (latin and RUS letters)
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Passport number
Dates of passport issued/valid
to our e-mail:



All competitors who finish the race receive a diploma, the first three from each class receive a medal and special prizes from various sponsors. If there are at least 5 veterans or juniors in the skijoring class they will be awarded separately from adults.



Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre. 

For information and booking please contact or call +372 445 6117 (EST, ENG, RUS).Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre is big enough to accommodate all the participants! Dogs are allowed in the rooms for a fee of 6 € for the whole stay and they need to be kept in cages.

It is possible to book breakfast for Saturday (16th February) and Sunday (17th February) and lunch for saturday and sunday. Meals (except Mushers’ dinner on saturday) have to be booked along with accommodation by writing an e-mail to or calling +372 445 6117. When booking meals put down the date, breakfast, lunch or dinner and the quantity.

Friday dinner:
Main dish, tea, coffee, juice, water, bread, butter, cheese, ham, salad, dessert, fruit
5,40 € / per person

Saturday, Sunday breakfast:
Porridge/cerals, cottage chees,  coffee, tea, milk, yoghurt, juice, butter, bread, cheese, ham, tomato, cucumber
4,20 € / per person

Saturday lunch:
2€ / per person.

Sunday lunch:
Soup, main dish, dessert, juice, water, salad, bread, fruit
5,40 € / per person



Advertising and selling products at race area is free for race sponsors. Others 50 € (2 days).



Aigar Kuus – race marshal, Baltosport (EST) +372 5624 3678
Artūrs Jakobsons – trail master, Dog Sport Carnikava (LV)
Margus Harak – race judge, Baltosport (EST)
Mariin Kaljula  – marketing and media, Baltosport (EST) + 372 56 565 166
Margus Veer – registration, Baltosport (EST) + 372 512 5225
Anu Raja – sponsors, Baltosport (EST)
Marit Kuus – Baltosport (EST)




Dog Sport Carnikava team and Sleddogs Club Baltosport memebers Margus Harak, Lloyd Clark, Kaja Lasn, Tarvo Siim, … ,



The competition organiser reserves the right to make changes if necessary. Please refer to our website or Facebook event for additional information.