Balto Sügiskross 2022

Sleddog race in Valgehobusemäe on October 22-23

Balto Sügiskross 2022 is held according to IFSS race rules. Race organiser is Sled Dogs Club Baltosport. IFSS Race Marshal: Aija Mäkiaho (IFSS Race Judge), Race Judge: Margus Harak.

Address: Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre, Mägede Village, Albu Rural, Järva County, Estonia.
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The competition is two-day race, which means that in order to receive the result, the track must be passed both on Saturday and Sunday, because the times of both days will be summarised.


Saturday, 22.10.2022

  • 11:00 – 12:00 Registration, vet. control, equipment control, race track open
  • 12:15 Opening Ceremony. Track instruction. Track closed
  • 13:00 Heat I, competitors starting times
  • 15:15 Kids canicross heat I
  • 17:30 Meeting, day summary

Sunday 23.10.2022

  • 10:00 Heat II
  • 12:15 Kids canicross heat II
  • Award Ceremony starts in 2 hrs after the last competitor has finished


The length of the track is 4.6 km in all classes except in the kids’ canicross – DCK1, DCK2 ca 800 meters and youth canicross (DCY) ca 1500 metres long. There may be changes in the length of the tracks, but only if strictly necessary and in accordance with IFSS rules. The track is best described as a forest trail with ascents and descents.

The start list for the first day is based on the draw, the starts for the second day will be based on the results of the first day.
False turns will be blocked by a net, marker tape or sign.


A competitor has the opportunity to make a maximum of two starts on one day of competition. Double starts in the same race class and category are not allowed. Example based on the DBW class: it is not allowed to participate twice in the DBW RNB class, but it is allowed to start in two different categories, namely the DBW Open and the DBW RNB.

Double starters are kindly asked to take into account that his next start may be 10-15 minutes after finishing and there may not be enough time to rest properly.

DR4 (3 or 4 dogs; men and women together) Juniors – birth year from 2005 to 2009, Elite – birth year until 2004.

DSW1 and DSM1
Youth birth year from 2010 to 2012, Juniors – birth year from 2005 to 2009, Elite – birth year until 2004
DS2 (1 or 2 dogs; men and women together) Elite – birth year until 2004.

Juniors – birth year from 2005 to 2007, Elite – birth year from 1985 to 2004, Veterans – birth year until 1983.

Juniors – birth year from 2005 to 2009, Elite – birth year from 1984 to 2004, Veterans – birth year until 1983.

DCK1 (boys and girls) – birth year from 2015.
DCK2 (boys and girls) – birth year from 2013 to 2014.
DCY (boys and girls) – birth year from 2010 to 2012. If possible, separate classes DCWY and DCMY will be opened.

Youth, juniors and veterans compete in a separate count if there are at least 5 competitors in the same age category in the class.


  1. Open class
    All dogs excluded from the nordic breed category.
  2. FCI registered nordic breed dogs:
    RNB1: siberian huskies
    RNB2: alaskan malamutes, greenland dogs, canadian eskimo dogs, samoyeds and yakutian laikas with an FCI / EKL registered breed certificate.

The Nordic breed category will be awarded separately in each race class under the following terms:

  1. At least 5 nordic breed entries in one class. This term does not apply to the canicross classes.
  2. In Dog Scooter and Rig classes (DS1, DS2 and DR4-6) the nordic breed category is divided into RNB1 and RNB2 subcategories under the condition that they each have at least 5 entries in RNB1-category and RNB2-category.

Information about the classes which will be open will be published on the first days of the competition week.


All competing dogs must be healthy, vaccinated and microchipped. Dogs participating in all main classes must be at least 18 months old on the day of the competition. In kids´ and youth canicross the dogs must be at least 12 months old. All dogs racing in nordic breed category must have an FCI registered pedigree, otherwise, they have to compete in open class. Switching dogs during the competition are not allowed. It is mandatory to present the dog´s veterinary passport at the on-site veterinary check. 


All competition equipment must be in accordance with the IFSS race rules. 

Race Marshall and the judge(s) will randomly check in the Stake-out area and the start area before the start the accordance of the competition equipment and used animal welfare measures.

NB! The use of carabiners that do not comply with the IFSS rules is not allowed in the competition area (incl. on leashes, on stake-out lines, etc.!).

Competitors are allowed to share their equipment with one person if they have notified the organisers via the registration form and if they do not start twice using the same equipment.


From 01.09 to 09.10 Elite, juniors and veterans 45€ / kids 10€
From 10.10 to 16.10 Elite, juniors and veterans 60€ / kids 15€

From 17.10 to 22.10, registration is no longer possible.

Competitor´s second start – 15€ off the registration fee.

Changing an already registered class up to 9.10 is free of charge. Without a good reason (e.g. veterinary indication, accident, etc.) the fee for changing the class from 10.10 to 16.10 is 15 €. From 17.10, it is possible to change the class only in case of very good reason.

Registration fee includes timing, digital diploma and a soup on Saturday.

Your registration is confirmed successfully after we have received registration fee via bank transfer on Kelgukoerte Klubi Baltosport account. IBAN: EE94 2200 2210 5480 3650 / Swift (BIC): HABAEE2X / Bank name: SWEDBANK AS / Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn.

In payment order write invoice number.


All competitors who finish the race receive a digital diploma, the first three from each class where is at least 5 competitors (3 in rig classes) receive a cup/medal. In addition, prizes will be awarded by the competition sponsors. If there are at least 5 youth, juniors or veterans in the bikejoring, one dog scooter and canicross class they will be awarded separately from adults.

All finishers will receive a digital diploma.


Advertising and sales must be coordinated with the organizer. Advertising and selling products at race area are free for race sponsors. 


Valgehobusemäe suusa- ja puhkekeskuses has 54 accommodation places. For information and booking please contact or call + 372 666 1122.
Kallisaba Puhkemaja is in the vicinity of the competition area (~ 500 m) and has 33 accommodation places. For information and booking please contact or call +372 520 7423.
Tõrvaaugu Metsamajad are located 2.6 km from the competition area and have 18 accommodation places. For information and booking please contact or call +372 5807 0700.


Anu Raja – representative officer
Tarvo Siim – trail master


Facebook Event: Balto Sügiskross 2022 / IFSS World Cup


The competition organiser reserves the right to make some changes if necessary. Please refer to our website or Facebook event for additional information.