Balto Sügiskross 2014 / Baltic Cup II event

& IFSS World Cup event

RESULTS: Balto Sügiskross 2014 official results

Organiser: Sleddogs Club Baltosport
Race Marshal: Laimonas Daujotas, Lithuania
Race Judge: Jaanus Kaljula, Estonia
Balto Sügiskross 2014 is held according to IFSS race rules and Baltic Cup 2014 regulations.

4.-5.october 2014


On Saturday
10:00 – 11:45 Registrations, veterinary & equipment check (don’t be late!)
12:00 Race opening, track instruction
13:00 – 15:16 Starts I
16:00 – 16:15 Kids starts I
19:00 Mushers’ dinner at Willem Madise Villa

On Sunday
10:00-12:16 Starts II
13:00 – 13:15 Kids starts II

15:30 awarding ceremony (time may change + – 30 min)

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Palivere hiking trails, Pikajalamägi, Palivere , Lääne-Nigula parish, Läänemaa county, Estonia
From Risti-Haapsalu road before Palivere you see the sign “Palivere liikumisrajad”.

GPS coordinates: 58°58’4”N 23°54’28”E
If you are lost call to +372 52 95 156 (Sergei) or +372 56 484 171 (Jaanus).
Google maps 

The lenght of the track is 4,25 km in all classes except in the kids´ canicross which is 800 metres long. The track is best described as a forest trail with slight ascents and descents.
Photos of the track: Palivere liikumisrajad
Video of the track: video on Youtube


A competitor can´t take part in more than 2 different race classes.


The Nordic breed category will be awarded separately in each race class under the following terms:
1. At least 5 nordic breed entries in one class. This term does not apply to the canicross classes.
2. In Dog Scooter classes (DS1 and DS2) the nordic breed category is divided into A and B subcategories under the condition that they each have at least 5 entries:
A-category (siberian huskies)
B-category (alaskan malamutes, greenland dogs, samoyed dogs).


Dog rig: DR4, DR6 (from 16 y.)
Bikejoring: DBW and DBM juniors (16-18 y.), adults (19-39 y.), veterans (from 40 y.)
Dog scooter: DS1 juniors (14-18 y.), adults (from 19 y.) and DS2 (from 16 y.)
Canicross: DCW and DCM juniors (14-18 y.), adults (19-39 y.), veterans (from 40 y.)
Kids’ canicross: DCK1 (6-9 y.) and DCK2 (10-13 y.)

Veterans and juniors are awarded separately if there are at least 5 of each in the same class, otherwise they are included in the adult category.

All competing dogs must be healthy, vaccinated and microchipped. In bikejoring and dog scooter classes the dogs must be at least 18 months old. In dog rig and canicross classes the dogs must be at least 12 months old. In kids´ canicross the dogs must be at least 5 months old. All nordic breed dogs must have a FCI registrated pedigree, otherwise they have to compete in open class. A dog can take part once in main class and once in a kids´ canicross class. Switching the dogs during the competition is not allowed. It is mandatory to present the dog´s veterinary passport at the on-site veterinary check.

All competition equipment must be in accordance with the IFSS race rules.

All competitors and their companions are welcome to take part in the Mushers’ dinner which is held outdoors in the Willem Madise Villa (ca 6 km from race area) on the evening of 4th october and will begin at 18:00-19:00 (the exact time will be announced at the end of the registration period). The price for the mushers´ dinner is 6 € per person and it includes a main course from a selected variety, drinks, coffee and cake. You can sign up for the dinner in the registration form and pay for it via your bank account.
NB! Dinner is not included in registration fee!

Willemi Trahter “Willemi Trahter” 

Information and booking:
Willem Madise Villa (ca 6 km from race area) – pricelist in english ; 
Kiige turismitalu (ca 17 km) –
Kullamaa puhkekeskus (ca 23 km) –
Rehe turismitalu (ca 23 km) –
Paepealse turismitalu (ca 25 km) –
Vilkla koolitalu (ca 25 km) –
Tooraku turismitalu (ca 31 km) –
Topu puhkekeskus (ca 35 km) –
Roosta puhkeküla (ca 37 km) –
NB! It is possible to camp in the competition area free of charge!
The camping area has 2 latrines, 2 campfire places with benches and the possibility to use electricity.

18.08 – 08.09 (adults, veterans 26 € / children, juniors 13 €)
09.09 – 26.09 (adults, veterans 36 € / children, juniors 18 €) for all mushers
27.09 – 30.09 (adults, veterans, juniors 50 € / children 25 €)
Mushers dinner 6 € per person (dinner is not included in registration fee)
Competitor´s second start – 50% of the registration fee (except 27.09-30.09).
Online registration: fill the form

Dear mushers from Russia!
You have opportunity to pay registration fee and dinner at race area but with the price you entered to the race. If you didn’t get visa you don’t have to pay registration fee (+dinner). In other case if you can’t come to race the fee(s) must be sent in cash or made via bank transfer.

Kelgukoerte Klubi Baltosport

Club adress: Raja talu, Käbiküla küla, Kehtna vald, Raplamaa 79062, Eesti Vabariik
IBAN: EE94 2200 2210 5480 3650
Bank name: SWEDBANK AS
Bank adress: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn

All competitors that finish the race receive a diploma, the first three from each class receive a cup and special prizes from various sponsors. If there are at least 5 veterans or juniors in the bikejoring, one dog scooter and canicross class they will be awarded separately from adults.

CARRIER Dogfood (special prizes)
BRASA premium pet food (special prizes)
Dr.STERN dog food (special prizes)
Kennel Hellerkantri and Huskypark sleddogs (special prizes)
Sookriimud (special prizes)
Kennel Myrgel’s (special prizes)
Kennel Brixdage (special prizes)
Kehtenel OÜ (special prizes)
Alaskan Malamute Club of Estonia (special prizes for fastest malamutes)
Estonian Samoyed Association (special prizes for fastest samoyeds)
Estonian Siberian Husky Association (special prizes for fastest siberian huskies)
Marvex Production & Rapla White House (sound solutions, time measurement)
Mariin Stuudio (graphic design)

Advertising and selling products at race area is free for race sponsors. Others 45 € (2 days).

The competition organiser reserves the right to make some changes if necessary.
Changes in the competition info are written in light orange.


Feel free to share.

Helle Kaljula +372 5569 2272 (EST, FIN)
Mariin Kaljula +372 56 565 166 (EST & ENG)
Jaanus Kaljula +372 56 484 171 (EST & RUS)
E-mail: *

* Please send e-mails only in english (or estonian).